Cleared Misconception on ASOT589 between Armin van Buuren & Dash Berlin


Yesterday, Trance fans all over the world were appalled to see Dutch powerhouse Armin van Buuren & Dash Berlin tweeting to each other publicly in regards to Jeffrey Sutorius, the face of Dash Berlin playing ‘A State of Trance 600’. With many upset fans, the short conversation between Armin and Dash Berlin blew up on a global scale. Later that evening, Armin van Buuren tweeted that the conflict was resolved and would be announced today on ‘A State of Trance 589’. Angry fans started to poke fun at Dash Berlin, making YouTube videos on the conflict, and numerous angry complaints across social media websites.. However, I believe it’s important to leave it alone until we have factual information of what’s really going on, not just some social media tweets. See below for the resolution as announced by Armin van Buuren himself today on ‘A State of Trance 589’.

Original Tweet’s between Armin van Buuren & Dash Berlin
Armin van Buuren announcing that the conflict will be clarified on ‘A State of Trance 589’ on November 29th, 2012.

“With booking DJ’s.. there’s all sorts of politics…” Dash Berlin spoke with Armin van Buuren via phone to dicuss matters of ASOT600. Dash Berlin stated that he was very disappointed that he wasn’t going to be able to play ASOT600. “The whole internet world came over me so to speak.. It was really intense”. Despite the fury of the internet raining upon Dash Berlin, Armin van Buuren had some good news to announce. “After all this bullying on Twitter, our managements made a deal and I’m very happy to announce that Dash Berlin will be playing ASOT600.”

Will Dash Berlin be coming to your ASOT600 gig?

#trancefamily, What do you make of this whole resolution? Where will you be attending ASOT600? 


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