Tomorrowland Plans to Develop into a Global Festival



Just about a week ago, the infamous massive “Tomorrowland” received the award for “BEST Major Festival” in the world, and now we have some breaking news. The team behind Tomorrowland has set their goal to bringing Tomorrowland to EVERY continent on our blue planet and is currently in search for the best festival grounds to host their famous festival.
This is certainly breaking news.. After their LIVE broadcast of the insane festival in 2012, Tomorrowland blew up to a common topic among discussions among the dance music community. With an incredibly unique and unparalleled level of production and organization, Tomorrowland undoubtedly deserves the recognition as the world’s BEST Major Festival.


The organizers behind Tomorrowland, brothers Manu and Michael Beers are looking to spread their popular festival to every continent, and to answer the population question of time:

“It’s like building a city for three days on one place which has a great influence on the experience. With Restaurants,     bakeries and burger business. Every detail, from the napkins to the operation counts. Tomorrowland has a high reputation to live up to and it’s a damn difficult job. We want to do well, so we do not want to have any deadlines yet.”

Last year, the demand for Tomorrowland tickets had 2,000,000 people sitting at their computers at the start of the presale. Expect to be WOW’d in the next few years.. Dreams are finally becoming a reality, especially for the thousands of us who can’t afford to make travel plans to Belgium. Many multi-millionaires have brought up the revenue to purchase the concept from the brothers to spread it globally, but the brothers had one firm statement in reply:

“Why should we sell? It’s our passion.”



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