Venue Announced: A State of Trance 600 New York at Madison Square Garden



After the massive performance by the Dutch powerhouse Armin van Buuren at Pier 36 New York City on New Year’s Eve, he left us wishing us all a happy new year and a massive thanks for all of the support we’ve given him..”I’ll be back very soon here in New york for A State of Trance 600.. March 30th.. Who’s going to be there?”. Needless to say the crowd erupted with the same excitement as they did 4 hours ago when he started his set with “I’ll Listen“. You can read more about how much of a great night that was here: Saying Goodbye to 2012 with Armin van Buuren at Pier 36 – NYC
Today on ASOT594 not only were we blessed with new tracks by Orjan Nilsen, Ummet Ozcan, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Mark Sherry. But more importantly s Armin said.. on the first episode of A State of Trance in 2013, we will be receiving some information FINALLY about ASOT600 in NYC. The entire northeast coast has been waiting so long for information to be released on each week’s broadcast of A State of Trance, but every single other A State of Trance stop has already received an array of information such as venue location, line-ups, or tickets.

So… A State of Trance 600 will be taking place at Madison Square Garden in the heart of New York City on March 30th, 2013.

Regarding Madison Square Garden. Yes. It’s a big venue with a huge capacity of around 18,000, but that also means that there is a split between Floor tickets & Seated tickets. Whilst for me, going to Trance events is rarely EVER about the price, but more so about the experience (seriously). With that being said, my main concern is that Madison Square Garden closes relatively early compared to some of the venue’s I’ve been to in NYC. With such a big event like ASOT600 in NYC, I was hoping to spend a long long time with Armin van Buuren + the crew.

But I am not at all complaining.. as I am still extremely excited for Armin van Buuren to make a stop in the used-to-be Dutch city of New York. As we all know, hundreds of cities and countries have been campaigning trying to bring A State of Trance to their homes, but he chose one NEW YORK CITY as one of his major stops. I understand that there is a lot of people complaining about the venue but take the time to realize that at least this dream is a reality for us Trance fans in the Northeast United States. Many other countries will not be blessed with this opportunity, so take the time to appreciate the gift that Armin has given us.

See you #trancefamily in New York on March 30th, 2013. Happy New Year. 2013 will be a great year for Trance.


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