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Preview: Sander Van Doorn & Mark Knight – ID

Sander Van Doorn & Mark Knight – ID
Genre: Progressive House | Release Date: Unknown

It’s hard to tell when this track will be released, due to the nameless ID and 1:30 preview, but I’m confident this will be a huge success for Sander. The deep-house elements, that build over spoken poetry (much like the ones in “Infinity by Guru Josh”), leaves me here with an unbearable excitement inside! It’s been a while since I’ve heard something like this: deep-house chord progression over a floor shaking bassline. So far, it sounds very promising: Soothing melody, deep bass, and intense hits throughout the buildup… I can’t wait for this one, enjoy!

I've been deeply submerged in the EDM community for almost 2 years now. My fascination quickly became passion, resulting in my every pursuit of the culture. Being able to share great music with the entire world makes me feel at home. I hope our message reaches across the globe with open arms! Never stop raving, never stop loving...


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