will.i.am “borrows” MatZo & Arty’s Melodic ‘Rebound’ for #willpower Album


In an incredibly digital world, it’s amazing what kind of access we have available to us on the internet. Unfortunately, for some cases that can work against us. A frequent Top 40 pop name on American Dance Charts, “music producer” will.i.am is currently under a LOT of heat for essentially “borrowing” the master sample from a track by our favorites MatZo & Arty. ‘Rebound’s unmistakeable melody can be heard prominently in will.i.am’s “song”. With cheesy vocals by Chris Brown thrown on top of this trancey melody, there are tons of infuriated fans. Give a listen to both & there’s not the slightest doubt that “Let’s Go” is “Rebound”.

 photo Screenshot2013-04-16at13709PM_zps8355fe55.png

Whats worse is that Anjunabeats never gave any type of clearance or OK as to using any portion of the song on will.i.am’s next album entitled #willpower.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 2nd, 2013

*** ANJUNABEATS has released an offical statement regarding will.i.am’s infringement of copyright ***

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