Above and Beyond Diss Will.i.am. (Finally)


By now everyone in the electronic dance community has heard of the blatant plagiarism on behalf of one Will.i.am. Here is a brief recap for those of you who haven’t heard (in case you’ve just emerged from that rock you’ve been living under and need an update). Will.i.am. essentially sampled the entirety of Arty and Mat Zo’s track ‘Rebound,’ threw some Chris Brown vocals over it, and repackaged it as his own work without the express written consent of the artists. ‘Rebound’ was released on Above and Beyond’s record label Anjunabeats. At a recent performance during EDC Chicago this is what the trance trio had to say on the matter when they played the track in question.

‘This is the new single from Will.i.am. (Not).’