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Daft Punk Gives Japan a Little Something Extra for the “Wait”

Anyone who knows a thing or two about time zones typically knows that countries on the far Eastern hemisphere of the globe are almost a whole day ahead of countries in the west. And while it is May 21st, 2013 here in the Western half of the world, and the official release date of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories in music stores, one could say Daft Punk fans in Japan had to wait a whole extra day to get their hands on a hard copy of RAM with their release date being May 22nd, 2013. At least that’s how Daft Punk seems to be looking at it.

When people in Japan sit down to give the album a listen they will enjoy hearing an exclusive bonus track at the end of the album titled, “Horizon”, an extra song at the end of the album found exclusively on hard copies sold in Japan. After listening to it, I personally think the song is gorgeous embodying a very warm and smooth feel, going through beautiful musical peaks and valleys of volume for the entire 4 minutes it plays. The song begins with an acoustic guitar solo, a bit of a departure from the electric guitar riffs heard on many of the other songs on RAM, followed by long harmonious chords, and a peaceful fade-out of the melody at the track’s end. It truly contrasts the ending of Contact, that was a harsh, loud build that seemed to leave you waiting for a drop that never comes (I think that’s a possible commentary on what Daft Punk thinks of the current EDM music of today, but I won’t get too into that). I think the residents of Japan will agree that Horizon is definitely well worth the theoretical “wait”!

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