Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2013 Official Trailer



The official trailer for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is out which means we are that much closer to our night underneath the electric sky.  Once again, Insomniac has captured the explosive excitement and manic energy of the flagship EDC in this 4.5 minute trailer.  From panoramic shots of the crowd at Kinetic Field and Circuit Grounds, to the wild displays of costumed performers, to the blazing fireworks and lights of the carnival rides, you will get a glimpse in to the world famous and beloved freak show that is EDC.  Now, all we have to wait for are set times!!  But, we all know that’s not coming til we are standing in the security line for the first day, lol.  Check out the trailer below and tell us how excited you are (or how pissed you are that you’re not going).