Mindtunes: A Track Created Only By The Mind


Imagine making a song by doing just that: imagining. Whether you make music or just enjoy listening to it, the concept of composing music from sheer thought has been a futuristic fantasy we have all only dreamed of… until now. Smirnoff started a project titled  Mindtunes to come up with a way to create music only by thinking. They decided to hire Julien Castet, an expert in neruotechnology, to be the brains of the operation (no pun intended). He developed a way to turn emotion into brain waves, and those brain waves into sound waves. This alone was a massive technological step forward, but just because technology exists doesn’t necessarily make it practical, let alone functioning. This had to be tested.

This is where this story takes a turn to be even more amazing. Andy Walker, Jo Portois and Mark Rowland, three electronic musicians who were forced out of their positions due to crippling accidents, were brought on to be the composers for the project. They teamed up with the production stylings of the one and only DJ Fresh for seven days to create a dubstep track using only their minds. With samples provided by Fresh, the three musicians were able to piece together a full 2 1/2 minute song complete with effects, edited loops and all the fixins. Dispite this being an experimental project, the tune is a high quality epic piece. So official in fact, that it was brought to the club and received stunning amounts of positive feedback. Its even available to buy on iTunes.

This is probably the biggest advancement in music technology since we learned to make music on computers, maybe even bigger than that. This opens so many doors for the progression of production and live performances. Pretty soon we could be seeing shows, maybe even entire electronic festivals put on without turntables or launchpads, but just a laptop and a brain scanning helmet. Not only was this project a breakthrough for the music community, but also a fantastic platform for enabling the disabled. I personally have always been fascinated in treatments to help people with disabilities, but this takes it much further than I ever thought I would see in my lifetime. In addition to everything else, a large percent of the profit made off this track goes directly to the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for disabled people. For  those like me who feel that EDM gives them hope for the future, the Mindtunes project takes that optimism to a whole new level.