Melanie Iglesias Gets Down To Bingo Players’s New Track: “Buzzcut”


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Bingo Players – Buzzcut
Genre: Electro House | Label:Hysteria | Release Date: May 20th. 2013
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I don’t know what I’m a bigger fan of.. Bingo Player’s new track or Melanie Iglesias getting down on a bed seductively to a lightshow. I don’t even remember what the song sounded like after that short minute and 46 seconds. Let’s get back to the music shall we?

Hailing from The Netherlands, Paul BaĆ¼mer & Maarten Hoogstraten have fused their musical talents into the massive electronic dance duo Bingo Players. The two dutch DJs have created an international reputation through epic releases and a massive touring schedule. Bingo Players kicked off 2013 scoring a worldwide top ten hit with their single Get Up (Rattle), which was a number one single in the UK two weeks in a row. This success came after the original version of Rattle shook up European charts for nine weeks during 2012. Paul & Maarten have lit up the Beatport charts with a horde of huge tracks including the 2011 hit Cry (Just A Little) and most recently with Out Of My Mind.

What do you think of Buzzcut? To be honest, it’s an okay track, but Melanie Iglesias makes it all that much better. Perhaps we’ll see Melanie Iglesias again this year at Electric Zoo dancing to Bingo Players!