Kanye West & Daft Punk Collabs “I am a God” & “On Site”


 photo kanye-west-douchebag-bracket2_zps0284873b.jpg“This album is all about giving … no f—s at all.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Daft Punk’s most recent album Random Access Memories. I was nowhere near Diplo’s level of hatred for the album, but it was a bit too mainstream for my taste. Nevertheless, Daft Punk were still legends of the music industry in my book. Their most recent decision leaves me scratching my head and wondering what went wrong?

Kanye West debuted his new album Yeezus for an exclusive listening party on Sunday night at the Governors Ball and gave quite the thank you to Daft Punk for collaborating with him on “three or four tracks on the album.” Part of me is left wondering how he does not even know the exact number of songs they worked on, but that’s besides the point. We all know Kanye West is Kanye West’s biggest fan, so something just seems very wrong about $120 million superstars Daft Punk contributing to a song of his titled “I am a God.”

Kanye left us with some wonderful quotes in a 6 minute interview that only an ego of his caliber could produce. He said such gems as  “I got an idea how to sell more music; it’s called ‘make better music” “I don’t believe in yesterday/And what’s a black Beatle anyway? A f—king roach?” and my personal favorite “This album is all about giving … no f—s at all.” The last one stuck with me for a reason that had nothing to do with the man that said it. I was left wondering if the quote was identical to the thought process of Daft Punk. It seems like, if they hadn’t already gotten there, the duo is at a point where it’s all about the money. For some of us that like this new brand of music, there’s nothing at all wrong with that. However, this is the same group that helped spark many individual’s love for the EDM genre, and they’re now collaborating with a man that tried to steal Taylor Swift’s MTV Video Music Award. I just hope this path is a detour that they will never take again.

Kanye’s performance of “I am a God” as well as his listening party speech are available for your view below. 

“I am a God”

“On Site”

Listening Party Speech