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Mainstream Radio Remixed – Episode 2: Ellie Goulding

ellie goulding

“Ellie’s voice is made to be remixed…”

Sentiments of this quote, in one form or another, are found littered as Top Comments all throughout the outrageously large population of remixes posted online of our second Mainstream Radio Remixed feature – the epic, ethereal Ellie Goulding.
Discussions of electronic music remixes of mainstream songs cannot be complete without the mention of this English songstress. Clearly Ellie has a spot for electronic music in her heart – through her direct collaborations with Calvin Harris, Zedd, Flinch, Madeon & Skrillex (also her ex – but that’s not my department to report on!) and also citing electronica as one of her (many) influences, one wonders if she is aware just how perfectly-attuned and, at times, ludicrously mind-blowing her voice sounds over the musical arrangements of some of these electronic renditions.

The Editors & I decided that Episode 1 cheated you guys out of being directly exposed to a bunch more really good Lana mixes…and we were all really excited for Ellie’s episode (like we hope you are too) soooo who says we have to keep these charts as a certain number?! So here come 15 of our favorite-voted Ellie remixes. We tried covering a variety of sub-genres, but we can’t always catch everything – if you think we missed the ball on one (or more), shoot us a comment and let us know!

[This one goes out to all you under the Electric Sky in Vegas this weekend. I am with you in spirit (but unfortunately not in physicality…)]

When I’m Alone (Lights):




Your Song:



Figure 8:

The Alias Mix


Salt Skin:

Alex Metric




Max Vangeli & AN21



High For This:




I Need Your Love (with Calvin Harris):

Nicky Romero


Anything Could Happen:



Fall Into The Sky (with Zedd):



Hanging On:

Sound Remedy


Summit (with Skrillex):

Hollidayrain & yh Electro/Trance

So to pay homage to, and borrow a phrase from, the ending of one of my favorite PODcasts International Departures with Myon & Shane54: I “hope you enjoyed the ride!” We have a few more artist ideas for this series in mind…but give us a shout if you want to see anyone specific in the future. And if you are at EDC in Vegas this week/weekend…please rave some for me!

Matt Fritsch
Electronic music junkie since the turn of the millennium (and prior). Yeah, I rocked out to Robin S, Real McCoy & to Tiesto when he was still doing "In Search Of Sunrise". I have a penchant for the melodic side of EDM, so sue me. Reach out and "touch me" @mattedmt
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