Twitter Beef Alert: BT Takes Aim at Borgore



BT has once more taken to his twitter account in order to call out a fellow artist. Following up his barrage on Porter Robinson from a few months ago, BT has now set sight on the brostep/gorestep/dubstep ( honestly, I don’t even know what genres mean anymore) hero, Borgore, calling him out on allegedly using crack backstage at EDC Las Vegas!  Now, now, everyone settle down. There’s no proof just yet, just BT tweeting away on his overly active account.  The attitude with which BT is tweeting appears to be quite forceful, but there might be something between their relationship that we don’t know.

 The last tweet implies that if you don’t like Borgore, his potential overdose on crack will solve the problem?!  Hopefully I’m misinterpreting it; however, BT may or may not have a valid point. This will likely develop in the next few days into something nobody cares about, or Borgore will reply, and we’ll have a full blown twitter feud on our hands! And who doesn’t love a good old fashioned twitter fight?  Break out the popcorn.