Rob Swire of Knife Party to Break From Touring & Focus on Writing Music


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Rob Swire not thrilled w/ how public views writing music 

Rob Swire, of Knife Party, mentioned today via twitter that he will not be touring with the group in the next 6 months. This may upset some fans, but new music from the superstar should be welcomed and patiently waited for. So, that’s the gist of Swire’s message. However, the way he said it was filled with a lot more controversy. Swire expressed his displeasure with how industry members and fans feel about the idea of “taking time for writing music.” According to him, it’s a concept that no one values or appreciates anymore. People view the process of writing music as “wasted time.” Words from someone who has been atop the industry for many years with both Pendulum and Knife Party, should not be ignored. People were quick to jump the gun and call Feed Me’s break a retirement when he was simply enhancing his art form. Let’s not do that this time. Let’s appreciate what Swire has brought the genre. Let’s show him that we do appreciate the fact that he is working hard in the studio and not simply capitalizing as much as he can financially on Knife Party’s extreme popularity. Can’t wait to see you what you have in store for us six months down the road, sir.

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