Music Video: Sander Van Doorn – Neon


Sander Van Doorn’s latest single ‘Neon‘ echoes throughout this years festival circuit. We all recognize the orchestral synth line with the memorable melodic flute notes that get stuck in your far after the song has come to an end. ‘Neon‘ takes you through an aural wonderland, that being said the video has now been released which pairs stunning visuals to take your eyes along for the ride.

Let’s call this video Alice in Neon Land, where the jellyfish are gigantic, chameleons glow and everything turns neon. It starts with a whimsical curious girl in what looks like a sinister science classroom. She finds a jar with a small jellyfish and is suddenly whisked away to neon land. We are taken on a trip through neon fields and valleys with bright colored creatures as our ears are stimulated by Sander Van Doorn’s music. It is a sight to behold as all our troubles seem worlds away and we dread the moment we have to come back to reality. Don’t let it end!