New Single Courtesy of Daft Punk to be Released in One Month


Daft Punk Ready to Shatter More Records W/ a New Single Next Month

Let the speculation begin. Mid-August has been announced as the release date for the next Daft Punk single. A track off of the critically acclaimed album Random Access Memories seems to be the logical choice; however, this has been a group that has never been short of surprises over the years. Let’s not eliminate the possibility of the robots shocking us with some new project we could have never seen coming. They have more than earned their right to capitalize further on their brilliant album, but I think we’d all love a new track out of left field. But, whether it’s “Lose Yourself To Dance,” a different RAM track, or something entirely new, it’s sure to break some records and find a way into most big name artist’s sets. Daft Punk is Daft Punk and the track will be loved. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in one month.