Selena Gomez Album Skyrockets To Number One On The Charts


Selena Gomez Now Owns World’s Number 1 Album

I still can’t say I know exactly what “baby dubstep” is; but whatever it is, Selena Gomez has made it into the top album on the Billboard Top 200. So, get out of the way Jay Z, the ugly child that Skrillex apparently spawned has now taken your top spot on the charts. If there was ever proof of how far “EDM” has come, this is it. Before you jump on me and tell me how this is nothing close to the true dance music we love, let me be clear that I am strictly talking about the label “EDM.” Just as much as any of you, I hate that almost any poppy mainstream garbage now wants to associate itself with a genre that grew from true fans, incredibly patient artists, and underground music. Now, here we are. It’s a time where simply calling something “EDM” makes your music infinitely more popular. Selena and her marketing team were smart enough to realize this. Now, she has a pile of money and a sense of recognition that the hardest working and most talented DJs will most likely never come close to. Before you go give up faith on music, I’ll provide some numbers that will make you feel a little better. Stars Dance sold 97,000 copies in the first week. Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories sold  338,677 copies.

Despite the emergence of celebrities, untalented rappers, and everyone else that is now calling themselves an EDM artist, it has to feel a little satisfying to see how far our beloved brand has come. The underground music still exists, and if you don’t want to see the Beatport Top 100 at a festival, don’t spend your whole day at the mainstage. Out of basement and warehouse raves, has grown $35 million dance music festivals. If it weren’t for the mainstream acts, we wouldn’t be able to have so many other talented and not so well known names playing at our festivals. So, chill out, give props to a good looking woman who knows how to market and then continue on with listening to the music you love