The Resurrection of Trance Tiësto


Years after broadening his productions’ musical spectrum beyond its initial trance roots to encompass the mainstream house scene, Tiësto has announced a future return to the higher beats per minute range (to many an old school fans’ delight, mind you).

I have felt this coming deep in my bones since seeing Tiësto at Ultra this year (and later solidified by his EDC Vegas set as well). When he alluded to “old Tiësto” in his set and then subsequently dropped (albeit updated versions) of “Love Comes Again” and “Silence” plus (the original version of) “Adagio For Strings”…I had this deep feel that he was gauging crowd reaction for a future return to his roots. Turns out, if he follows through with these tweets, I may have been right. In response to an initial tweet by fellow producer M.I.K.E., Tiësto said:

…and not only that, Tijs also agreed to an EP…of 3 tracks, all increasing in BPM…up to 140 (freaking psy-trance range):

I don’t know about you…but I am so freaking ready. Let’s hope that he follows through with some legit mind-blowing productions with M.I.K.E.! Stay tuned…