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Band of Horses – The Funeral (Dash Berlin Remix)

Dash Berlin
Band of Horses – The Funeral (Dash Berlin Remix)
Genre: Trance / Label: Armada Music /Released Date: August 23

Band of Horses is an indie/rock band based out of Charleston, South Carolina. They have been around since 2004. Their song “The Funeral” was released on their album Everything All the Time in 2006 and was the first released single off of the record. Dash Berlin, DJ/Producer hailing from the Netherlands, released an official preview of his “The Funeral” remix. He first dropped the track over a year ago but is just now officially previewing it. Dash Berlin keeps the beautiful, dream-like guitar part in the beginning, with Band of Horses’ melodic vocals. He then transitions into perfect fitting synths and fast percussion that goes hand in hand with the prior guitar melody. This track is no doubt going to be a favorite from #MusicIsLife #Deluxe. The preview is absolutely beautiful and leaves the listener wanting more.

Listen to the preview below and let us know what you think!

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