Cosmic Gate to Participate in Pioneer’s DJ Art Mix Project


Cosmic Gate is teaming up with a custom designer to offer a unique one of a kind auction that will support VH1’s Save the Music Program. Nic Chagall and Bossi are thrilled to announce that they will be taking part in Pioneer’s new DJ Art Mix project. Using the company’s celebrated CDJ-2000 Nexus model as the canvas, the duo will work alongside renowned German urban illustrator Norm/ab_artig to custom design a unique Cosmic Gate CDJ. In a special month-long online auction, commencing mid-October, music and art fans will be able to place bids on Cosmic Gate’s and other participating DJ’s CDJs, with all proceeds channelled to VH1’s Save The Music Foundation. Cosmic Gate will be joined by other industry mainstays such as Zedd, Kaskade, Ferry Corsten, and Markus Schulz, who will all be offering their own unique creations. On announcing their participation in Pioneer’s Art Mix, Nic Chagall said:

 “although it’s early days we’ve already had a whole lot of ideas in mind as to the direction we’d like to take our design. We were immediately impressed when we saw Norm/ab_artig street art – we can’t wait to get working with him on it! Basically, this is where the beats will meet the streets!

Bossi continues:

 VH1’s impressive push to restore music education programs to public schools has been on both Nic’s and my radar for quite a time now. Through the Save The Music charity they’re helping nurture talent today that could very well turn into artists whose music we’re all listening to in the future. As musicians we see that as being an enormous positive and we’re very happy indeed to be able to support that through a channel as creative as Pioneer’s Art Mix project.

This is an incredibly cool idea, and one that should definitely catch the attention of avid electronic music fans, producers, and DJs alike.   The endeavour will yield incredibly beautiful and rare pieces of art that will appeal to a myriad of people. Who wouldn’t want to own an already top of the line CDJ that also happens to be custom designed by a renowned artist and Cosmic Gate? The best part, of course, is that all proceeds will go to a fantastic cause. We can’t wait to see the design that Cosmic Gate and Norm/ab_artig come up with! The auction begins on October 11, 2013. If you want to see the CDJ in person before it gets sold, you can snag a peak on October 10th, which is when it will be on display at The Bank in Los Angeles (401 South Main Street).

Be sure to check out the official website for the project here: Pioneer Dj Art. Also, please head on over to VH1’s Save the Music homepage to learn more about where the proceeds will go: Save the Music