Deadmau5 Receives Death Threats After Mocking Lady Gaga’s Marina Abramović Naked Video


We all have different opinions of what art is. Marina Abramović and Lady Gaga recently combined forces on what they considered an “artistic” project of their own. The video, which you can see above, features a single note that is repeatedly sung while Lady Gaga prances around the woods naked. But don’t you worry, Abramović has a perfectly logical explanation for the nudity. It was all in the interest of, “”be[ing] at one with nature. She wanted to take her clothes off to be one with nature. At first I thought it was really crazy because it’s [the forest] full of mosquitoes and ticks. That was her decision. It was up to her how she wanted to experience nature.” So, in the best interest of art, next time you go hiking, make sure to do it nude. Due to her massive appeal, most of her fans and much of the world went ahead and let the video slide. Whatever Gaga calls art must be art, right? Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) did not agree. He chose to speak up in a relatively hilarious and poignant manner.

“What the actual f**k?” Deadmau5 posted on Twitter “If some idiot singer howls in the woods and noones around, does it make a sound? MYTH BUSTED”. 

“Sorry, my previous link contains t*****s…. in fact, not really safe for anything.”

‘I’m inspired…. Gunna go bark at the moon for a bit, get back in the studio, bark at my computer screen and make some duck noises. I’m an ARTIST!’

The cult of Gaga, who has for some reason, feverishly fed her with millions of dollars over years did not take the comments sitting down. The only logical way to stop Joel’s hateful comments was to tell him to kill himself over Twitter. Deadmau5 did not seem phased by the comments. In fact, he actually responded to several of them. For all the fun, check out Deadmau5’s Twitter. May as well follow him while you’re there because the fun and crazy mind of Joel is never short of entertainment value.