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Mysteryland Festival Will Make US Debut in 2014 at the Original Woodstock Venue

Mysteryland Festival to the United States
ID&T Unleashes Mysteryland Upon United States

Dutch entertainment company, ID&T will host yet another internationally acclaimed festival in the United States. First came Sensation, then TomorrowWorld (Sept. 2013), and now on Memorial Day weekend 2014, Mysteryland will take place at the original Woodstock venue, at Bethel Woods in New York. Pretty much, Mysteryland is a smaller, more intimate version of ID&T’s infamous Tomorrowland Festival. Where Tomorrowland has 180,000 attendees, Mysteryland U.S. will have 20,000. Don’t let that number fool you, this is a major festival and to prove that, ID&T plans to spend $10 million on production!

Now, here’s the interesting part about this announcement. Earlier this week, U.S. based production company Insomniac released their plans for 2014’s EDC New York. This included the festival taking place Memorial Day Weekend at Winston Farms in New York, site of the 1994 Woodstock Festival. So, both Mysteryland and EDC New York will be held on the same weekend at two Woodstock venues 30 miles apart. What will it take to attract festival goers to one or the other? Lineup? Other worldly production? Atmosphere? Either way, come Memorial Day weekend 2014, the state of New York will be physically rocking.

Here’s what Mysteryland 2012 looked like.

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