Preview: John de Sohn – Under the Sun (Where We Belong) (Marcus Schossow Remix)


Under the Sun

John de Sohn, aka Björn Johnson, is a DJ/Producer hailing from Sweden. John de Sohn has produced tracks for various artists like Bruno Mars. John de Sohn’s track featuring Andreas Moe on vocals was remixed by Marcus Schossow. Schossow is also a DJ/Producer hailing from Sweden. John de Sohn’s “Under The Sun” starts out with neat guitar and piano riffs, and has a huge dancing vibe. Schossow keeps the piano part to open the track, and the perfect fitting vocals. He adds awesome percussion and a buildup that lead into a great drop. Right before the drop he quiets the music down and then boom! Marcus adds synths and makes the track louder. This is no doubt going to be a favorite.

The release date is not available yet, but it should be released soon! For now, check out the preview below.