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Life In Color Announces First Attempt at an All Day Festival

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Life In color (formerly known as the infamous Dayglow has been around for quite some time now. Since their humble beginnings in Florida in 2006, Life In Color has been doing a good job recruiting notable and talented DJ acts to mix exciting sets with event goers enjoying the show while being covered in bright, surprisingly non-toxic paint for about two hours. Well, with all the great success music festivals had within the past year, LIC’s decided to give making the 4 to 5 hour paint party an all day event a shot. LIC has announced that their first all day festival will take place in Washington with a lineup that’s definitely a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Major heavy hitters on the list include Nicky Romero, Afrojack, Borgore and the always loved Adventure Club. This doesn’t include the very awesome smaller cast they have lined up accompanied by LIC resident DJ, David Solano. Pretty much the only thing fishy about this upcoming festival is that it just so happens to fall on the same day as Virgin Mobile’s much anticipated FreeFest (that packs quite a bit of entertainment muscle as well in terms of the line-up) being only 40 minutes apart from each other driving. Is LIC attempting to show the festival game that they’re not one to be overlooked by attempting to show up Virgin’s talent-packed marvel in terms of attendance or is it just a strange and somewhat unfortunate coincidence for the Maryland residents? Safe to say only time and tickets sales will tell.

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