Pulselocker: A Spotify For DJs


If you’re a DJ, then you know how expensive and irritating finding new tunes can be. If you’re pirating, quality starts to become an issue. If you’re not, then it’s generally expensive.  If you have the need for an eclectic and diverse library (and who doesn’t these days, especially with the extreme rate of new releases in the electronic music world), then half the tunes you’ve probably purchased don’t get enough plays to warrant the $1.50 + you probably spent on each of them! Pulselocker is here to solve this dilemma.  Here’s the lowdown (plus a nice little video that brings all of these points together in a nice, concise, visual format, everybody loves videos!):

Basically, Pulselocker gives you unlimited access to full tracks from a plethora of labels and genres (it is geared specifically to electronic music, obviously). What sets it apart is that for a flat monthly fee, you can rent the track without buying it, download it to your “locker”, and then use it in a DJing program like Serato or Traktor. Your locker is available offline; therefore, you’re not actually streaming the track from the internet, but rather from your hard drive. This means there is no lag, so there is no worry with regards to lag during your set! If you happen to like the track a lot and come to the conclusion that you will use it enough, then you have the option of purchasing it as you would regularly.  Essentially, Pulselocker takes the guess work out of purchasing tunes for your sets. If you don’t like a track after a test drive, you just move on. No wasted money, no regrets.  Ben Harris, the CEO of Pulselocker and of Dirty Vegas fame, has this to say about his revolutionary product:

With Pulselocker, you have the freedom to stream and DJ your favorite styles of music offline on popular DJ applications. This lets you try out parts of songs to see if they’re a good fit and experiment with many different styles to create your own unique sound. And when you find the music you love, you can easily buy it from our web store with one click.

The program is incredibly customizable in terms of locker size, monthly pricing, and home page layout. It is also compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems (don’t we all just loathe the plethora of DJ-centric/ production tools that are only one or the other?). If you are an aspiring DJ, or even already established in the industry, Pulselocker is without a doubt something you will want to check out. It should save you time and money, and what’s not to like about that? Watch the above video, and then check out the website: Pulselocker official website