Ranidu – Bailatronic EP



Ranidu – Bailatronic the E.P
Genre: Electro House, Trap / Label: Indie-Pop / Release Date: August 20, 2013
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Ranidu is an industry up and comer who hails from a part of the globe that isn’t necesarily known for its electronic music, yet. Sri Lanka’s offering to the world of electronic music have been sparse. Ranidu plans to change that. He has already performed at this year’s Ultra Music Festival, as well as making an appearance at Coachella. Today he releases his new E.P, titled Bailatronic. 

Ranidu’s goal with Bailatronic was to incorporate traditional Sri-Lankan music – “baila” – with various electronic influences like electro house, trap, and dubstep. Hence, the album title,  Baila – tronic. The E.P has three tracks on it: Baila Bass, Baila Bounce, and Papare. Each of them prominently feature this “baila” spice, making for a unique twist with regards to how this E.P sounds.  Specifically, the rhythms found in all three tracks are a little more offbeat and complex, featuring a drum rack that has definite South Asian influence. Check out the tracks below, and be sure to pick the E.P up on Beatport.