Rihanna – What Now (Firebeatz Remix)


rihanna_what_now_firebeatz_remixPower, elegance, drive.  Three words that describe the bass heavy, rage infused remix of “What Now,” from Firebeatz.  Per usual, the remix starts with heart pumping synths and beautiful vocals from none other than Rihanna.  All of a sudden, the remix takes the listener to the other side of the universe and back with a ubiquitously heavy, in-your-face drop. It’s classic new age electro house, and pure energy flows out of this track from all facets.   Firebeatz have some serious talent for composition, and that definitely shows in this track.  Having come out with other songs that seriously jam such as “Wicked” (available September 16th), this duo is on a tear with their production.  Their upbeat, intense style is infectious and this track is yet another example of that.