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Sidney Samson & Leroy Styles – YLB

Sidney Samson & Leroy Styles – YLB
Electro House | Label: Musical Freedom | Release Date: Sep. 9th, 2013
Sidney Samson and Leroy Styles have teased us with a MASSIVE preview. This track slowly builds, gradually adding on new layers and elements. I like to think of this song as an awesome burger. Bear with me. You click play. You hear filtered synths. These synths are the buns. You then hear a clapping beat. This is the lettuce, tomato, pickle, and whatever other condiments you enjoy on your burger. And you’re thinking…where’s the meat?! Then at the 45 second mark you are given a glimpse of the juiciest burger you’ve ever seen. It is meaty. Nearly a pound of pure beef. The more you look at the burger, the clearer it becomes. And then you taste the nastiest electro drop you’ve ever heard. This burger is absolutely delicious. I hope you enjoyed my analogy. This song has one of the fattest drops I’ve ever heard. “YLB” comes out in the second week of September. Hope you guys are hungry.

David Rishty
I'm an assistant editor at EDMTunes and manage Swedish artist OLWIK. I'm a progressive house lover at heart, but enjoy all styles of music. Some small advice...don't play the game, change the game.
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