Skrillex is Back With New Music, Dropping Unreleased at Reading & Leeds Festivals



Skrillex has been on a somewhat quiet tear lately, spearheading the direction of EDM with his innovative label, OWSLA, and forming a new collaboration project with Boyz Noise, Dog Blood. Now, Sonny has announced that he will be playing brand spanking new music at this weekend’s Reading and Leeds Festivals. Sonny spoke with Zane Lowe on BBC 1 earlier this week, stating:

“This is the first time I’ve played a proper Skrillex show at a festival all year, actually. So I’m exited to play some new music and we have new visuals and stuff that we’re working with.”

He continued on to add that his show’s production aspects have received a makeover:

“I’m just putting together a lot of new stuff for this show. We have like, production that we used to use that has gotten a makeover, it’s also like, the last time we’re gonna use it as well, so I’m excited.”

With regards to any official releases, Sonny replied:

“For sure – sooner rather than later, I’d say sooner.” He explained that he has more than an album’s worth of new material, but doesn’t yet know what format the release will take. “I have a lot of music right now, I have more songs than an album… will it be two releases or will it be one release? I don’t know. If it feels like an album, it’s an album, if it doesn’t then it’s gonna be a 10-minute mega song.”

Sonny has been incognito as Skrillex for awhile, so it’s reassuring to hear that new music is on the way. We are excited to see what Sonny has in store for us, but only time will tell.