Target Runs The Trap In New Commercial


When was the first time you heard trap music? Was it at a local show you attended? Maybe at a festival on one of the side stages?  Until recently, trap was usually delegated to one of these two main platforms. It was a commodity known only to those fans dedicated enough to search it out or those lucky enough to stumble upon it. However, it is clear that trap music can no longer be considered a fledgling sub-genre, and it’s meteoric increase in popular has finally catapulted into the ( at times dreaded) mainstream.  Worldwide retailer Target has decided to use DJ Snake and Alesia’s smash hit Bird Machine in a television commercial to sell Chef Boyardee ravioli and Snack Pack pudding. Given the rise in popularity of EDM in general over the last year, it was only a matter of time until certain  sub-genres ascended into the mainstream as well.  How do you feel about hearing trap music in a Target commercial?