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The Five Biggest Egos in EDM According to LA Weekly

When you throw in newly rich, famous, and vocal DJs in to the 24 hour social media cycle, you are bound to see some interesting interactions and eye brow raising statements.  At the very least, it’s been quite entertaining for us fans watching the fireworks on the sidelines and taking a glimpse into the jet-setting lifestyles of these superstar DJs. Well, LA Weekly has taken it upon themselves to shuffle through the internet and compile a list of the five biggest egos in EDM.  This is what they came up with:

5. Calvin Harris
4. Wolfgang Gartner
3. Deadmau5
2. Diplo
1. Afrojack

What is even more comical and cheeky than this ranking is the response by some members on this list.


From the above interaction, it’s obvious they find this all humorous and enjoy poking sarcastic fun at themselves.  So, maybe Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner don’t belong on this list because one of the hallmarks of a bombastic ego is that the individual is unable to take criticism or joking banter shot at, well, their ego.  Maybe, they just like vocalizing their opinions on the internet or sharing life happenings for all to see and sometimes to their detriment (like Afrojack posting a picture of his wrecked Ferrari an hour after he bought it).  Maybe, they’re just trying to figure out how to balance their new found riches and fame with a grounded sense of reality.  Or, maybe all these assertions are wrong and they truly have the biggest egos in the industry.  Tell us what you guys think!

J Leo
J Leo
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