Tutorial: How to Make Dubstep



“Today I show you how to make Dubstep. Ever wondered how famous Dubstep artists such as Skrillex and Skream became as good as they are? the answer is simple; I taught them! Many people find listening to dubstep enjoyable, but little do you know it’s actually really easy & simple to make your very own beat! Follow the step by step instructions and you’ll be dropping the bass just like Skrilleggs.” 

Who knew that we could produce a Dubstep beat in our very own kitchen? I’m not sure if Zedd was having a good laugh over this and wanted to share, or he possibly thinks this could be the next big hit on iTunes. Listen closely to the drop at :47, and drop the egg! Facebook responses were even better,

“Will.I.Am attempted this and still failed” 

“Dope where can I download this song! Mad people played this at EDC”

“Waste of a perfectly good blender :(“

Know of anybody interested in creating Dubstep beats! You should link them to this video! Make sure they own barbies though.