Tiesto Picking Vegas Over Ibiza Was “Not Just About the Money”


Tiesto has stepped down from his Pacha Ibiza residency to embark on a new journey, Las Vegas.  The locales of this residency, the MGM Grand’s Hakkasan and the Wet Republic pool, are constantly crammed with bodies each time Tiesto takes to the stage.  It’s no secret that Las Vegas has become the new hotbed for DJing, and in Tiesto’s perspective, it’s a brave new world. In a recent interview with DJ Mag, Tiesto stated:

“Las Vegas has changed a lot even in just the past couple of years; it’s really become like the new Ibiza.” “People were telling me that three years ago, and I never thought we’d see it. But now with all he new superclubs opening, and with all the superstar DJs playing there every week, it really made the difference.”

The migration seems to be more about the idea of a new adventure, a new environment, and a new generation of electronic music lovers. But is it really? He goes on to say:

“It’s not just about the money. Maybe for some people it is, but I didn’t move to Las Vegas for the money, that would have been crazy. I don’t even need that money. For me it’s more like a challenge. It’s a new generation out there, dance music is blowing up big and it’s a new culture.”

“Compared to Ibiza, Las Vegas is a lot more welcoming. When you come to Las Vegas, they welcome you with open arms. Whatever you need, they’ll make it happen. When I go to Ibiza, I don’t even meet the owners of the club. You don’t meet anybody. The attitude is ‘whatever’. They don’t really care that much.”

What are your thoughts on what Tiesto had to say? Is Las Vegas the new Ibiza? Is it a challenging new frontier? Or is money the culprit in the migration to the desert?

The original article: via InTheMix