06R – Look Human Feel Human (Original Mix)


06R - look human feel human

06R – Look Human Feel Human (Original Mix)
Genre: Trance | Label: Nueva Digital | Release Date: 3 September 2013
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Ever heard of the term, “Promelodic”? If you haven’t, just close your eyes and listen to “Look Human Feel Human” and absorb its each and every essence. “Promelodic” is a subgenre coined by the Japanese, Tokyo-based DJ/producer, who goes by the name 06R, and represents the marriage between “Progressive” and “Melodic”. “Promelodic” is how 06R best describes his work and rightly so, 06R is a genius in producing such specific style of music. “Look Human Feel Human” is an absolute soothing art piece that carries an infectious female voice and represents the highly euphoric side of Trance music. Whether you play it through your headphones, inside a lounge or at outdoor venues, this is definitely a track that will get you quickly addicted. This track was played as the opener on Max Graham’s Cycles Radio 125 and hopefully will be getting more playtime from other notable Trance acts. Show some support for the up-and-coming 06R and grab your copy of this feel-good release on Beatport now!