Afrojack Seeks to Space Travel; Possible DJ Set Outerspace



There’s something in the drinking water in the Netherlands. Another Dutch DJ is planning a space adventure and this time it isn’t Armin van Buuren -rather Afrojack. In an official statement to the press, Afrojack has announced his intentions to train for a space mission that will supposedly involve a DJ set and a number of lucky fans. The fans may be chosen through a contest or have something to do with a related television show. Afrojack’s desire to ‘do something that’s never been done before’ is admirable but we can’t help but be skeptical as this idea isn’t just outside the box – it’s literally out of this world. Maybe that’s why the logistics of this idea haven’t been released yet; even barring the question of finances, there are still loads of health and safety risks to consider when attempting to send people into what is essentially supposed to be a space rave.