Andy Duguid Releases Sophomore Album ‘On The Edge’


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Making a splash in 2008 with his debut album, ‘Believe’, the well-rounded  producer and DJ has been making a niche for himself ever since with his special sound-shaping talent. Andy Duguid – a name that is all to familiar with those who have followed him over the years, has announced his sophomore album: ‘On The Edge’, set to be released onBlack Hole Recordings.

This announcement comes five years after his first release, following a long stretch of sleepless nights in the studio. Andy’s musical mind continues to race, bringing sounds and ideas from the left field. ‘On The Edge’, the name of the album and the first track off the release, demonstrates Andy’s broadening range further than it has ever reached by intertwining moodier tones with more poignant themes. Andy had the following to say about this studio album:

“My thought process before heading to the studio on day one of making this album was simple. Don’t rush it. Be inspired. And be me. I was coming off the back of my fair share of tragedy so it was certain emotion would play a major role in its making. Every track on this album has it’s own backstory and I think every story deserves the perfect soundtrack.”


1. On The Edge (6:53)
2. Skin & Bones (featuring Julie Thompson) (6:20)
3. When You’re With Me (featuring Hannah Ray) (6:57)
4. Paradise (Richard’s Theme) (6:07)
5. Hurt (featuring Seri) (6:26)
6. I Want To Believe (featuring Shannon Hurley) (6:20)
7. Percussion Man (7:13)
8. In This Moment (with Audrey Gallagher) (7:16)
9. Tiago (7:10)
10. Stars (featuring Steven Taetz) (6:23)
11. Music Box (featuring Lizzie Curious) (8:02)
12. 7even (featuring Jaren) (7:34)