Axwell Says Music Has Been “Consumed Like McDonald’s”


Axwell believes that song turnover in electronic music is detrimental to the industry as whole. In fact, in an interview with The Sun, the former Swedish House Mafia member said, “People consume [music] like McDonald’s a little bit, like download a song and throw it away the next day. That’s a bit like how music has become so we have to fight against it.” With previews coming out sometimes more than a month before the actual release of a song, and DJs playing unreleased songs as a way to make their sets unique, tracks are often times old news before they are even officially released. Fans often complain about songs becoming overplayed or mainstream, even further adding to the song turnover.

In addition to the McDonald’s comparison,  Axwell also goes on to complain about the saturation of the industry with what he describes as ‘cheap’ music:

“I think the main problem with how the music is sounding cheap sometimes, is that it is cheap. People are downloading it for free. People don’t have time or the funds to go into a real studio for 12 months and produce and record instruments and everything. People don’t have the financials to do that, so instead they are just sitting there with their laptops in their bedrooms and just saying, ‘this is good enough, this is good enough, let’s get it out there.’”

With songs being added to Soundcloud, YouTube, and Twitter everyday, and avast amount of them suffering from varying levels of blandness, it is hard to disagree with the outspoken Axwell. What do you think about the quality of music currently being produced and released?

Via – TheSun