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Coffee Date #3: Deadmau5 Jokes with Canadian Pal and Comedian Russell Peters

We thought Deadmau5 was going to be a bit more “exclusive” with his coffee dates after he took Zedd out. Not this time, after the third post of the series in less than two weeks, its probably safer to call this “Deadmau5’s speed dating”.  He must be tired. This time he takes out Canadian comedian Russell Peters, who he first met on the Joe Rogan Experience. A few highlights: 1) Famous Canadians and what Canada is known for, 2) awkward silences (8:10, 12:50), and 3) a Ferrari’s MPG.

Probably not his smoothest date ever, but from what we can tell, he’ll get right back up and out there again real soon. Who would give him a good coffee run?  How about… Russell Brand? Fellow Canadians Pamela Anderson or Jim Carrey?

Gideon Miller
Gideon Miller
I spend my weeks hard at work, "one deeper" inside corporate America, headphones in, getting my fix as a progressive house and trance 2.0 junkie. On the weekends though...I am on a quest to experience the best electronica our world has to offer.
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