Dada Life Releases Hilariously Weird “Boing Clash Boom” Music Video


Dada Life just (re)released the music video for their hit track “Boing Clash Boom” on their own YouTube account. In the video, which appears to be set in wonderfully weird Dada Land, a slew of colorful characters clad in Banana suits, bubble wrap armor, Go-Pros, bikinis, horse masks, and neon chase a barrel down a steep hill in some sort of wild competition. Several bone-breaking, teeth-losing, blood-spurting injuries later, they go for round 2 and celebrate at the bottom with dancing and champagne. This is one music video that perfectly lines up the music and actual beats with what’s happening in the video, and it’s a perfect representation of Dada Life’s trademark fun craziness.

Interesting tidbit: The chase-a-rolling-object-down-a-steep-hill competition in the video is no doubt based on the annual, real-life Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake event that takes place near Gloucester, England. Similar to the video, – but actually a lot more violent/dangerous – competitors run/sprint/fall down the tremendously steep Cooper’s Hill (this one’s really worth looking at) chasing after a 9 lb wheel of Double Gloucester cheese. Comparatively, I think we’d all rather be having fun in the Dada Land competition! [Wiki]