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Deadmau5 Teases Us On Instagram With Potential Information On New Album

Deadmau5 took to Instagram today and posted what looks like a track listing to a new album – potentially. You can never really tell with Joel Zimmerman. ┬áThe list totals fifteen tracks and is entitled ‘Unreleased 2013 Recap.’ We really hope this means a new album is on the way, but knowing Deadmau5, it could just be an epic troll (again, we really hope it isn’t). Of the fifteen tracks ,only two tracks are completely unheard of at this point, as his SoundCloud page has been one of the busiest ones in 2013. The fact that we have been exposed to thirteen tracks on this list leads us to believe that it is unlikely to be the makings of an official album; however, even a 2013 recap with two brand new tracks will be a welcome addition to the heralded Deaedmau5 discography.

Tracklist for Unreleased Recap of 2013 (unreleased tracks have been bolded below)

1. All I Have
2. Arcadia
3. Coelecanth
4. Cthulhu something
5. Ice Age Remix
6. Mercedes
7. My Pet Coelecanth
8. Nyquist
9. Pets
10. Pig Cart Racer
11. Somewhere Up Here
12. Suckfest9001
13. Survivalism
14. Terrors In My Bed
15. Your Ad Here

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