Dillon Francis ft. T.E.E.D. Release Music Video for ‘Without You’


Dillon Francis’ latest single ‘Without You’ featuring T.E.E.D. finally has a video to go along with the track – which we know is about his previous relationship troubles. The video is definitely fitting and highlights the angst found in the lyrics of the song. Anyone who has gone through a breakup or has ever pined for another can empathize with the girl in the video, which you can watch below. However, we only get a brief glimpse of Francis himself, and a no show performance from T.E.E.D. (who does an amazing job with the vocals as they are perfectly suited to the mood of the song). The sound is a step away from what we’re used to hearing from Dillon Francis (DAD?!), and not in a bad way – we can’t wait to hear what else he has been working as ‘Without You’ is an artistic endeavor filled with heart and heartbreak that most of us can relate too.