Dodge & Fuski vs. Culprate – Vice


A huge track from the dynamic duo Dodge & Fuski and Culprate to change the glitch hop scene. The song opens up with a Southern California/Grand Theft Auto intro, then Ice Cube leads you into a trap induced song that includes heavy break-beat glitch hop with a side of filthy dub.  Culprate infuses his own personal taste to make this track one that should be listened to top-down with your homies basking in the late afternoon L.A sun. Or playing the new Grand Theft Auto V, whichever works best for you. Out now on beatport

But what good is any song without a killer remix to go along with it? That was the mentality Phetsta had when he picked up this track. He takes the track and almost completely reworks it; where D&F had the track going into slow break beats, Phetsta puts a happy drum and bass spin onto it, speeding up the tempo and keeping the heavy hats hitting throughout. This still has that SoCal feel, but if you’re putting this on your GTA 5 playlist save it for the heavy pursuits. While the original track might be used to open up a show, this remix would be smack in the middle to get everyone jumping and dancing. Unfortunately you will have to wait until the 16th to pick up this banger, also out on Disciple Recordings.