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Eyedentity – Mind Control

Eyedentity – Mind Control
Label: Deal Records |  Release Date: 23 Sep 2013

This trio of 19 year old stands out from the Netherlands have been quickly building a strong head of steam with their productions, even though they’ve only been together since March of 2012.  Having already churned out one “Demo of the Week” for Hardwell’s radio podcast, it is only a matter of time until this group is playing festivals all over the world. “Mind Control” is a tune that is tailor-made for a party. Following the tried and true electro house formula, the drop of “Mind Control” is enormous.  The bass line is particularly grimy and in your face, and it’s laid out over a ubiquitous 4×4 beat.  Make sure to keep an eye on these guys, they definitely have some big things in store for the future.

Nick Wimmer
Junior at Syracuse, from Washington D.C. Have lived in Virginia, Kansas, and London as well.
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