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Hounds of Hell Tour Kicks Off This Friday Featuring Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner, Charlie Darker and Bass Kleph

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A national tour always consists of a headliner; well in this case, there are two headliners. But let’s not count out the guys who will be setting the blueprint for the headliner(s). For many DJs, it is truly a dream come true to be opening up for the likes of Tommy Trash or Wolfgang Gartner. Not only are they able to perform to a sold out audience night in and night out throughout the tour, but they’re also able to garnish and expand their fanbase even further by performing to a new audience who has yet to see their talent unravel. ┬áThis Friday, the inaugural kickoff will take place at the largest stage in all of Los Angeles: The Hollywood Palladium. Seeking to make a niche for himself on the biggest tour that he has been apart of, Bass Kleph will be showcasing what he’s all about and why he was selected to participate on this tour. The excitement and energy exerted by the Aussie is unmatched by any other live performers, Stu Tyson has been spitting fire behind the decks for 15 years and this will finally be the moment he’s been waiting for to shine. Tune in and check him and the rest of the guys out this Friday as they perform their first of 20 shows on the Hounds of Hell tour.

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