Kaskade Takes a Stand Against Banned Kandi Bracelets During First Atmosphere Show


In light of the recent deaths plaguing several electronic shows, it would appear that event organizers are taking greater precautions; security measures are becoming more strict and the list of items allowed into shows is apparently rapidly shrinking. Over the weekend, the first stop of Kaskade’s Atmosphere tour in Miami enforced measures that included a ban on candy bracelets or “kandi”(a term used to describe the myriad of colorful homemade bracelets that are traded amongst concert goers, not actual edible candy). Kandi has become a mark of the electronic dance music community and some attendees really get into it, trading and accumulating the bracelets during the show in true PLUR fashion. Below is a selection of tweets from Kaskade’s twitter as he reacts to the news of the items not allowed into the arena for the first stop of his show. You can see why Kaskade is one of the most universally well liked DJ’s in the industry as he tries to get down to the bottom of the situation.