Kaskade’s Nostalgia: Freaks of Nature Past, Atmosphere Future


The future is bright. Kaskade’s 8th artist album, Atmosphere comes out in in 5 days and the Big Rooms, Small Tour kicks off in Miami in 8 days. The freaks are buzzing with excitement and can hardly wait. We’ve been teased with previews, but now we can hear the full beauty of each track (listen hear). We all reminisce about our defining memories at previous Kaskade shows and how much they mean to us. The emotions we experience, the people we meet and the points of ¬†euphoria that only Kaskade can seem to conjure in us are written in our hearts for ever. It seems that Kaskade has his own bouts of nostalgia as well. Remember how awesome Freaks of Nature was? Take those memories, times them by 10 and then add your current excitement and you will get Atmosphere. Here is a little video that will take you on a ride of nostalgia with Kaskade into the future of the Atmosphere tour.