Kill Paris Kicked Off Stage For Not Playing Mainstream Music


Kill Paris is known for his groovy beats and fun loving music. Something a lot of people don’t know is the story/meaning behind his name. The idea behind Corey Baker’s alius came from his hatred of the forced mainstream ideals and obnoxious fake pop-star celebrities made famous for doing nothing. With Paris Hilton being such a huge offender of both of these, and a want to rid every scene of such horrible concepts, Kill Paris was born. All this contributes to the massive amount of irony behind this story.

Last night at the M Nightclub in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kill Paris was kicked off stage for ‘not playing mainstream shit’. Now for those of you who are unaware of how things work, nightclubs, venues, concert halls and places of the like choose the artists they would like to see grace their stage and perform. This means that the M chose KP to play, then booted him for sticking to the morals his music were founded on. Though this was just one incident, lets hope the need for overplayed music does not ruin any more shows for those of us looking to hear something new.