Knife Party Releases Official Music Video for ‘LRAD’


An EDM fun fact for the day!! The term “LRAD” is not only the name of Knife Party’s immensely popular house track, but also stands for “Long Rang Acoustic Device”, frequently used by military and police forces to quell and control large masses of individuals through sound to sustain order (very clever Gareth & Rob). This new music video released under Thump, cleverly plays on this idea of LRAD’s, the plot seeming to take place in a present time dystopia where the government looks to control the masses through a complete abolition of privacy. Their plans are impeded by a small rebel group who looks to use such a device on a government puppet, who’s demeanor symbolizes that of an important political leader, to reawaken the minds of the people. Quite a well made video that cleverly touches on the current hot button political issue of how much we should actually let the government know what we’re doing in the privacy of our homes and on our own personal devices such as computers and cellphones. Take a look at the entertaining mini-story yourself below!!