Krewella’s ‘Get Wet’ Tour Massive Set Production: The Volcano


Krewella’s ‘Get Wet’ tour has been surrounded by consistently increasing hype for the past couple of weeks, and just last night, finally kicked off in Austin, Texas.  We’ve covered the tour on EDMTunes in the past, but what we haven’t covered is their brand new stage set up. Krewella’s stage production is going to be massive, via the presence of “The Volcano”. According to a Billboard article, Krewella is working with Richy Jackson, known for his Lady Gaga work, on the subject of the show’s creative direction.

The Volcano was designed by Vello Virkhaus and Amanda Hamilton of VSquared Labs; which contains an interior reflection that maps the appearance of the object change from the inside, along with LED mapped crystal-like compartments.  The structure hosts two separate platforms that have room for a DJ booth where the Krew is able to stand and perform. The last time we saw a production team put together something as comparably massive and mind-boggling was the ‘Skrillex Spaceship’ fabricated by the mastermind Stefano Novelli, which made its debut at Ultra in 2012. Hidden steps are included within the structure to allow the Krew members to travel to the top to of the mountain, which is a whopping 30 by 18 feet and requires two tractor trailers for transporting the Volcano. This is one show that you can not afford to miss out on.

via Billboard
Photos are courtesy of Max Chang