Laidback Luke’s ‘Super You & Me’ Set to Emphatically Land on TomorrowWorld


Now a days, if you’re looking at a festival line up and see Laidback Luke headlining his own stage, chances are its a Super You & Me stage. Another safe bet would be that the artists set to perform are nothing short of top notch. Both statements have proven great success at several fests and shows, most notably at TomorrowLand in Belgium. Well the precedent has been set and the super heroes are coming to Chattahoochee Hills this Friday for TomorrowWorld’s inaugural weekend. The time to don our capes and masks is soon upon us as the butterfly stage will soon finish its migration from Europe to the states.

As always the DJ’s will be dressed like super heroes and the fans are encouraged to do so as well. In July, Luke had his trio of Superman, Batman and Iron Man take the stage but this time the man of steel and the caped crusader will be accompanied. Though we are sure that Superman is really Luke in disguise, the bat and the spider are still keeping quiet about their secret identities. No matter who it is behind the mask, they’re sure to save us all with their unique set of rockin beats. This featured set, along with back up from the likes of Benny Benassi, John Dahlback, Carnage, and many more throughout the day, you won’t want to miss any of the action goin down at Super You & Me.

Laidback Luke
Benny Benassi
Superman, Spiderman, Batman
John Dahlb├Ąck
Sandro Silva
Will Sparks
Oliver Twizt
Mr V.I.